Our classrooms and playground function as a highly flexible environment for the children’s daily experiences.

Poe Cooperative Nursery School (Poe-Co) operates in two classrooms within Edgar Allan Poe Elementary School. The classrooms are divided between three and four-year-old children. Enrollment is generally limited to no more than sixteen children in each classroom (typical enrollment is less than sixteen).

The Poe-Co facilities form a “school within a school” with Poe Elementary. The two Poe-Co classrooms share a student restroom, restricted to Poe-Co students. Poe-Co has a separate outside entrance, as well as a separate secured playground. However, Poe-Co students feel very much a part of the “big school” and are included in many Poe Elementary activities. Poe-Co students with an older sibling at Poe Elementary are particularly excited about the opportunity to go to school with their older brother or sister. The academic calendar for Poe-Co is coordinated with the academic calendar for Poe Elementary.

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