Membership in POE COOPERATIVE NURSERY SCHOOL (POE-CO) requires a commitment of time, energy, and talents by ALL parents. Your participation will make your experience at Poe-Co a rewarding one for both you and your child. This page summarizes the responsibilities of each parent throughout the school year. For additional information on the parent responsibilities, be sure to review Guidelines for Parent Participation.

Work Days: Parents are required to work approximately 10 parent work days per school year. A list of parent work days will be provided by the class chairs.

On the scheduled work day, the parent-helper will arrive no later than 8:15 a.m. Late fees will apply for arrival past 8:15 a.m.

The parent-helper brings a nutritious snack for all the children in the classroom on his/her work day. If the snack needs classroom preparation, please clear the project with the teachers in advance.

Snack suggestions: fresh fruit, raw vegetables, muffins or bread, popcorn, pretzels, mini sandwiches, bagels, cream cheese or any kind of cheese,and crackers.

Sugary foods such as cookies and Kool-Aid are not acceptable.

The school provides cups and napkins. If your snack requires other utensils, you will need to bring them.

A list of food sensitivities is posted in each classroom. Please look over the list before your parent-helper day. Some children may be allergic to certain foods. Make certain the snack you provide can be enjoyed by everyone.

Please note that the city health codes do no permit serving any items prepared at home. All food must arrive packaged and can be prepared at school. Do not bake cupcakes, etc. at home and bring them in; they must be store-bought.

The parent helper is responsible for cleaning their child’s classroom at the end of regular school hours. Cleaning guidelines are posted in each classroom.

The parent-helper is NOT required to work during extended day programs.

When a parent-helper is unable to work on the assigned day, that parent must find a substitute parent and trade work days. When parents trade days, they are responsible for making the change of the schedule posted on the nursery school doors. The teacher needs to be made aware of the change.

WHEN A PARENT-HELPER MISSES A WORK DAY AND DOES NOT FIND A SUBSTITUTE, there will be a $75 fine. The parent may bring the matter up to be reviewed by the Board by either coming to the next board meeting or by communication with the class chair, who can then bring it to the Board. In order to satisfy accreditation standards for student:teacher ratios, a parent must be in each of the classrooms every day.

On an assigned work day, parent-helpers may NOT bring younger siblings or other children. They need to give full attention to the classroom activities.
Remember, your child cherishes the opportunity to have his or her parent in the classroom at least once a month. Grandparents or other special people are welcome to VISIT on special occasions.

The child who has a “parent-helper day” expects special attention from his or her parent, and those needs take priority over cleaning and teaching assistant responsibilities assigned to the parent-helper. If their own child needs such attention while snack is being served, the parent-helper should ask a teacher to take over supervising the snack center so they can care for their child.

Mandatory Meetings: There are two mandatory meetings that parents must attend.

Orientation Meeting. Approximately two hours, one evening at the beginning of the fall semester.

Spring Parent Meeting. Approximately two hours, one evening at the beginning of the spring semester.

Committees: A parent from each family serves on one committee or on the Board of Directors.

Field Trips: One parent from each family must attend 1 field trip in the fall or 1 field trip in the spring. See the calendar for this year’s field trip dates.

Fundraisers: Each family must participate fully in both the fall and the spring fundraising projects. Examples of past fundraisers:
Fall fundraiser – each family sells a minimum of $250.00 of Sally Foster wrapping paper.
Spring fundraiser – each family must donate $250.00 worth of items to our spring garage sale as well as work 2 shifts at the garage sale.

Special Projects: The success of Poe-Co depends on the involvement and generosity of our parent’s time. In the past, parents have worked on the playground, undertook heavy cleaning in the classrooms, etc. Some families have built special centers for the classroom. Special projects will be posted on the bulletin board as they arise. Please help the school by signing up for a project you think you would most enjoy or you feel is most needed.

Dismissal and Fines: The Board of Directors reserves the right to issue a fine or to ask a family to withdraw from the program if the policies and the obligations of the nursery school cannot be met. Examples include:

Missed Parent Work Day (substitute not found)

Missed Mandatory Meeting

Lack of Participation on a Committee

Missed Field Trip

Lack of Participation in a Special Project

Lack of Full Participation in the Fall Fundraiser

Lack of Full Participation in the Spring Fundraiser

Late Pick-up Fines

Fines for late pick-up are $5.00 per child for first five minutes late; $1.00 per minute thereafter until arrival. If the late flag is on the door, the person picking up will sign for the child and the family will be billed the late fee by the Treasurer. The late flag is put out at 11:30 sharp for regular hours and at 2:50 sharp for extended day.

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