Poe-Co teachers are trained in Rice University’s highly acclaimed School Literacy & Culture Project.  The program draws upon children’s stories and language learning experiences to lay a foundation for the child’s future school success in language arts.

Poe-Co has an amazing 6:1 child to adult ratio.

Learning concepts and developmental processes are central concerns of the teachers in their planning.

Each professional teacher who guides the class is assisted by an experienced teacher assistant and by a parent.

Poe-Co parent-helpers add to their child-rearing skills both at school and at home and find a sense of community through shared experiences with other parents. 

Parental involvement in the classroom is an integral part of a cooperative nursery program. A parent-helper is more than a body who watches for the safety of children and performs routine tasks. The parent-helper cooperates with the teacher in providing learning experiences for young children.

Poe-Co is a child’s place. It is a place where each child is free to initiate his or her own activities and follow through with ideas. The teachers and parent-helpers are extensions of a child’s thoughts and experiences; their goal is to provide an atmosphere in which a child can develop a positive attitude toward school and learning.

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